Video-Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes

photo of Rope Dubbing DVD coverDonO developed his rope-dubbing technique 35 years ago while creating his realistic stoneflies from fur dubbings. Don applied the technique to every known dubbing material (plus some), and everything dubbed perfectly. Realizing it was the only technique that could be used effectively for Ice Dubbing and other synthetic materials, Don decided to share his technique.

Demonstrating the method freely at fly shows across the country, Don introduced hundreds of tyers, beginners through professionals, to his technique. After oft-repeated requests from tiers who went home and forgot the variations, Don published an internet article in 2001. After more requests, Don developed a teaching DVD. Eight years in the making, Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes is even more advanced than the original article, and is NOW AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOADABLE MP-4 VIDEO.

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Don’s rope-dubbing consists of a base technique, plus sub-techniques, all of which make excellent, durable flies over a wide range of patterns. This is not a twisted, or loop-noodled dubbing technique, but a stationary core technique.

Advantages of Don’s Rope-Dubbing Technique:

  • Requires no wax, loop, split thread, or tools
  • Extremely fast and cuts dubbing time by as much as 80%
  • Forms segments and tapers in one pass
  • The tapers and segments can be adjusted or varied easily
  • Works from the tiniest size #32 to 14/0
  • With a bite-tippet tying core, the flies are virtually tooth-proof
  • With tying-wire cores, flies are self-weighted and durable
  • Any dubbing – hair, fur, floss, or synthetic can be applied
  • Blending can be done right on the core material
  • Fur dubbing “off the hide” can be dubbed as self-hackling segments
  • Marabou, peacock, and others feathers can be durably dubbed
  • Hackles can be incorporated into the dubbing, making them bite-proof
  • Each dubbing material can have many different looks
  • The method can comprise the entire fly, or just part of the design
  • Any finishing methods, like ribbing and shell-backs can be applied
  • Different body-shaping and tail extensions can be accomplished easily

The Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes Video has 24 tying techniques that are so fast, “freeze-framing” may be required as you learn the technique. You’ll see a 3-color caddis fly tied in a minute, and a segmented flash-scud tied in 20 seconds.  Photos of dubbed and finished flies are included to assist tyers.

Visit the Rope Dubbed Flies page of this website to see examples. To read reviews for Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes, click here.

Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes is available as a downloadable MP-4 video. You can download the full 50 minutes or select individual segments/techniques to download. Each segment contains the initial fundamentals, followed by the specific technique.

A second Rope-Dubbing with Don Ordes Video, introducing advanced roping methods, is in the works. Video #2 will include techniques for finishing fly bodies started with the rope-dub method.