See What the Experts Are Saying About “Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes”

“As you can tell from my note to you, I am having fun! I can see just a bit of the big picture. Many good things can be made to happen using your technique. I have been tying long enough and know of many problems in tying that I have experienced with some dubbing materials. Rope-dubbing is fun, and thanks to you I am actually enjoying ‘playing’. I am still learning the method but that is expected (by myself) and I am in no real big hurry. Each day I learn & understand more from the different sequences on the DVD. I will never tie commercially again, only for my own fishing pleasure, and am enjoying tying more now than ever before. This DVD of yours has added to my tool box for fly tying. It is not for everyone, but is for any tier who would like to tie better and to be a better fly tier. I am of the opinion that every tier that does not already have your DVD needs one. It is as important as a good vise. Thank you very much. Patiently waiting for #2″ ~ Dennis “DENNY” Conrad, Conranch Hackles Click to read Denny’s full review.

“Your Rope Dubbing DVD arrived in perfect condition on Friday (1/29/12). After watching it a few times, I started right in practicing your technique. I can honestly say this was the best $30 I have spent for my fly tying. I realize continued practice will smooth out my ‘new guy’ bumps and glitches, but my first rope dub flies look terrific, were pretty easy to tie, and surpass ALL earlier attempts at dubbing! You wouldn’t believe (well, maybe you would!) all the tools and frustration I threw at the dubbing process only to achieve results I considered mediocre at best. My sincere thank you Don, for a much needed and long time coming ‘enlightenment’.” ~ Dennis, DFW Texas

“I have learned more watching Don’s DVD then all the years I have been tying. I especially like the way he presents his ideas. Watching it on the DVD makes it a whole lot easier to understand. The way the DVD is laid out it is like Don is there with you teaching only you how his technique works and how many different types of materials work with the technique. Each segment is short and to the point and is just brief enough so that it sinks in before you digest the next. Great job Don, and I can’t wait for the next one.” ~ Alan Di Somma

“I have seen loads of tying DVDs but this one I will admit will NOT put you to sleep. This is not a pattern DVD, but a technique in dubbing. This is a technique I have not seen in all my years of tying. I am very impressed in the way the segments are presented- short and to the point. Don also shows a number of finished flies after showing the technique of that particular dubbing segment. I can say I am really impressed with the quality and the presentation of this DVD.” ~ Tony Spezio

“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Rope Dubbing is a well done DVD clearly demonstrating a variety of dubbing material techniques on the one thing that often gives tyers (and not just beginning tyers) trouble: the natural fur and synthetic material dubbing of a fly’s body. Don, a natural on camera, presents his quick and easy methods in an unpretentious, best friend demonstration that anyone watching should be able to pick up on their first try. Especially interesting was the thicker/thinner corrections he employs to arrive at the desired thickness. Working a hackle in with the rope dubbing and thereby completing two tasks at the same time is nothing short of brilliant. If you only buy one fly tying DVD this year, and are looking for something new that will make your tying hours easier, this is the one. ~ Bob Mead

“In one DVD, Don has changed most of what I thought I knew about dubbing. Don’s ‘Rope Dubbing’ is the most original idea I’ve seen in fly tying in years. The versatility of the method is amazing. Not just using different materials, but adjustable, different looks from each material. This DVD sets the standard for other fly tying instruction DVDs. Clear, concise, and to the point, I was totally absorbed from beginning to end. The only thing to do now is get to my vise and work on all these techniques while I wait for volume two! Well done, Don!” ~ Ed Berg

“Got your DVD on rope-dubbing. What a wonderful way you come across with the instructions- short and to the point. What surprised me is that you are using monofilament line, and it makes a lot of sense. I tried rope-dubbing with ice dub, slf, sow dub, synthetic seal, & masterbrite- had no problem with any of it after a couple flies. I also did a three-color fly and one with a dubbed-in hackle. Wow! I feel like a professional! I am so happy how different & professional these flies look. Thank you so much Don, you opened a new ball game for me. I’m ready for #2 when it comes available.” ~ Chuck Connell

“Mr Ordes, I am in awe. Well actually in Engerland, but hey ho. This DVD thaingy arrived and I enjoyed 98% of it. The bit I didn’t enjoy was the music between scenes and the end. The end came too soon. It’s well put together, clear, good sound quality and picture quality is fantastic too.” ~ Keith Passant, England

“I got the DVD yesterday, and I watched ‘Rope-dubbing with Don Ordes’ around 3 o’clock this morning & I didn’t yawn even once! It was a big “Aha!!!” Don had explained the technique to me once in text format, and again at the Sowbug in 2006 in person. But it seems that I had misunderstood some. That’s why I used it with only a limited number of materials. But now the pieces fell into place… and I understand what Don meant with the words ‘easy’ and ‘simple’, and ‘using any form of’. I have a squirrel dubbing that has seemed like it was made for the purpose of giving me headaches. It’s short, stiff and spikey- and the noodles have been breaking into fragments and falling off the thread. If someone just yesterday told me that it was possible to make a rock hard and segmented body out of that dubbing, I would have answered: “Of course- laminate sand and you can make a rock-hard and segmented body out of that too.” Today I dug out that squirrel, just to give it a try, and got it on the1st try.  GO DON!!!!! WHEN’S THE NEXT ONE COMING???? ~ Niclas Runarsson, Sweden

“Don spent a few minutes in our motel room at the Sowbug in 2006 and showed me how to do it. I’ve been using no other method since. And Don’s DVD taught me a lot of the little tricks that I didn’t know. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.” ~ Allan Fish

“Your DVD is terrific! I loved the photography. Your explanations were clear and I think with them I can do this. I did not realize all the variety that was possible with the rope-dub. Overall, this is probably the best photographed DVD I have seen on flytying. It is clear and large so I can see it well. I am much more pleased than I expected to be and I expected a lot.” ~ Mike Bliss in Hawaii

“This is a shortened list of the “cures” that I, and I’m sure many of us, have tried for improving our dubbing:

  1. Less, less, less dubbing.
  2. More wax, less wax, toilet bowl sealing wax, bee’s wax, Overton’s no longer available wax, no wax, saliva.
  3. Only spin the dubbing in one direction. Duh!
  4. Split the thread, spin the bobbin.
  5. Buy the latest expensive gizmo.
  6. Buy another beginner’s fly tying video. Which will give you their versions of the above advice.

Your Rope Dubbing method trumps all of these, and also solves problems they don’t even address. I wish I had seen your rope-dub method years ago. It’s making a huge difference with the alpaca, so I’m re-tying all of my flies. Not sure I really want to thank you for that, but they will be better flies. I can hardly wait for the 2nd volume DVD of “Rope Dubbing with Don Ordes”.”
Thanks Again.  ~ Gary Webb

“Don, got the Rope-dub DVD yesterday and watched it last night. I happened to be in the middle of tying a #4 Clouser Crayfish and thought I’d watch your DVD before finishing it to learn how to dub larger patterns faster. Well, it turns out I had set my expectations too low. After watching your video I easily finished the crayfish in record time. The Rope Dubbing technique worked beautifully from the start, was fast, easily dubbed coarse material and finally, in contrast to other techniques, I had to keep the dubbing from being TOO tight. Your approach promises to revolutionize my approach to tying dubbed flies and I can’t thank you enough. ~ Buddy, Huntsville, AL