Rope Dubbed Flies

These are just a sampling of what is possible using the Rope-dubbing technique. There are so many materials that can be rope-dubbed, and so many looks for each, that it’s not practical to try to show them all.

Each type and style of dubbing rope has to be incorporated into patterns, either of new design, or existing recipes. What’s not possible to see in the photos below, is that the core material varies between thread, monofilament, spectra, bite-tippet, and wire.

No loop or wax is required for Don’s rope-dubbing technique, so there is a great deal of flexibility for the dubbing “noodle”.

Rope-dubbed Tri-color Stonefly
Rope-dubbed Tri-color Stonefly (bottom)
Roped Hare’s Ear Bodies
Rope-dubbed Hare's Ear
Rope-dubbed Winger Adams
Rope-dubbed Winger Adams
Rope-dubbed Badger Fur
Rope-dubbed Badger Fur
Rope-dubbed Badger Bodies
Badger Variations
Badger Stone
Rope-dubbed Badger Stone
Badger Soft-hackle
Rope-dubbed badger soft-hackle
Roped ‘touch-dub’ Style
Touch-style rope dubbing
Rope-dubbed Flashabou
Bob Haering's 'Dubbing from Hell' flies
Larger Adams roped
Rope-dubbed Winger Adams- Ginger
Black Sable Stonefly
Rope-dubbed black sable
Green caddis
Green caddis pupa
Brown caddis
Finished caddis pupa wet fly
Crazy Charlie
Rope-dubbed Crazy Charlie Flats-fly- Ginger
Cranefly larva
Rope-dubbed cranefly larva
Extended body Damselfly with blue flashabou
Brown parachute emerger
Roped emerger parachute dry fly
Blonde Winger Adams
Rope-dubbed Winger Adams- Blonde
Ice-dub thorax dry
Roped Ice-dub dry emerger
Dry caddis
Roped dry attractor with hackles roped in
Marabou Mayfly
Roped MArabou Mayfly
Mole hair grub
Roped mole-hair grub
Mr. Peabody
Roped peacock soft-hackle
Peacock Dragon
Dragon Nymph-peacock extended body
Peacock Housefly
Peacock Half-back
Roped Halfback Nymph
Ice-dub shrimp
ice-dub pink shrimp
Roped Aftershaft Wet Fly
roped after-shaft wet fly
Rope-dubbed 14/0 Mayfly
roped 14/0 mayfly
Roped Midge Adams
Roped Midge Adams
Sow-bug scud
ice-dub scud
Rope-dubbed seal
roped seal
Brown Wet & Dry Emerger
Brown Emerger
Bloody Scud
Scud 1
Bloody Scud 2
Scud 2
Bloody Scud 3
roped seal
Box of Scuds
Box of Scuds
Flies in Sunlight
Masterbrite Flies
Ropedub Samples
Ropedub Samples
Ropedub #1
Ropedub 1
Ropedub #2
Ropedub 2
Ropedub #3
Ropedub 3
Ropedub #4
Ropedub 4
Dry and Wet Stoneflies
Wet and Dry Stoneflies
Lamb’s Wool Various
Lamb's Wool Various
Rope-dubbed Miller
Rope-dubbed Miller
Gap-wrap Soft Hackle
Gap Wrap Soft Hackle
Green Caddis Dry
DonO Green Caddis Dry
Orange Rope-dubbed Scud
Orange Rope-dubbed Scud
Rope-dubbed Flash Worm
Rope-dubbed Flash Worm
Rope-dubbed Furled Rock Worm
Rope-dubbed Furled Rock Worm

What Rope-dubbing IS and What it IS NOT:

I first showed this technique at fly shows when ice-dub appeared, more than a decade ago. Many casual observers have commented that it looked like Mr. Polly Rosborough’s “Fuzzy-nymph” technique. While the techniques do share some similarities, please be assured that the rope-dub is not the same technique as Mr. Rosborough’s. Both techniques produce a dubbing “noodle”, as do many other techniques (that’s the goal), but a dubbing noodle is not the ONLY goal of the Rope-Dubbing methods.

The characteristics of the dubbing noodle are produced by the technique used to create the noodle. This is where my rope-dubbing method is different from Mr. Rosborough’s, as well as other dubbing methods. Polly’s technique spins the thread loop with the dubbing, the opposite of my technique. The advantages of my unique technique are many, as described on the Rope-Dubbing with Don Ordes Video page.

In 2001, I wrote an article that was posted on the Virtual Flybox that was referred to by many. Since that time, I have had the privilege to demonstrate my rope-dubbing method to thousands of tyers at fly fishing and tying shows across the country. Over the years, I developed many variations of the technique originally presented on the VFB.

In answer to the overwhelming requests from tyers who wanted to learn my rope-dubbing methods, or to remember them all, the Rope-Dubbing with Don Ordes DVD was created. I am confident you will find my rope-dubbing techniques will open up your fly tying repertoire, and make creating dubbed bodies exciting.


To read what just a few of the tyers – from novices to experts – have to say about my Rope-Dubbing with Don Ordes DVD, click here. Most are looking forward to DVD #2, which will introduce my Advanced Rope-Dubbing techniques, along with finishing methods for completed fly bodies.

Tight Lines All, Don Ordes