A Whopper of a Fly

The majority of the Fantasy Flies sold are the giant 14/0 trout flies mounted as desk sets, mantle mounts, or wall mounts. Most are purchased as gifts for the hard-to-buy-for fly fisherman who has every gadget imaginable, including enough rods and reels to outfit a shop. The Fantasy Fly sits on the desk at the office to remind him or her the big one is waiting just for them, or to get the fishing conversations going. Fly shops, guide services, restaurants, and gift shops have taken advantage of the wonderful advertising possibilities of Fantasy Flies.

The latest Fantasy Fly delivery was to Anthony Spezio. Here is what Tony had to say after receiving his Fantasy Fly:

Got here today and WOW you outdid yourself.
We will make room to display it in the living room.
Can I post a photo on the list…? ~ Tony
And here’s a picture of Tony and his new Fantasy Fly, a Royal Wulff Coachman.

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